Practical Employment Law Training for Executives and Supervisors

The workplace is rife with potential for employment discrimination claims. Every day, employers make sensitive decisions about hiring, promoting, paying, disciplining, training, and terminating employees. EEO litigation arises in countless contexts, from stray remarks in a performance evaluation to system-wide deficiencies in an organization’s policies or procedures.

In this practical seminar, Rob Ellman teaches executives and managers how to recognize and avoid problems that frequently lead to employment discrimination claims. Responsible managers can minimize an organization’s exposure to costly damage awards only if they understand what the law requires and how their employment-related decisions are perceived by their employees. Rob draws on his experience as a manager, litigator, and legal adviser to explain how discrimination claims can arise despite good intentions and fair treatment. He covers the critical features of HR policies and practices used to withstand employment discrimination litigation without stripping management of its ability to take decisive, merits-based action. And he teaches how to maximize the chances of successfully defusing or defending employment discrimination claims when they do arise.